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Student Resources

This page contains resources designed to assist with training in Tong Il Lo. There are many detailed documents contained within this section. It is important to stress, however, that this reference guide does not and CANNOT replace a professional, CERTIFIED Tong Il Lo Instructor. It is our desire that the serious students of Tong Il Lo understand that these resources are only used as a reference guide. Mastery of these techniques can only be done through the supervised instruction received in class coupled with continuous practice on a regular basis.

Because the practitioner does not fit Tong Il Lo, but rather Tong Il Lo fits the practitioner, these techniques may be altered by an Instructor in order to meet each person’s physical and mental capabilities whenever necessary. This allows for progression by everyone in this uniquely devised program.

We provide these classroom materials as an easy, quick reference. However, for those students who may have misplaced or not yet received these handouts from their Instructor, these materials are presented in Adobe Reader PDF (printer-friendly) format for you.


Classroom - Required Reading

Curriculum Requirements

Instructor Requirements

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