Safety Awareness for Kids

Like a seasoned warrior ready to face any challenge, knowing how to stay safe is a vital skill every Tong Il Lo student needs to master. These aren’t just “don’t talk to strangers” rules; they’re tactical maneuvers for navigating the urban jungle, honed to keep you sharp and ready for anything.

Streetwise Sense

  • Scan the Arena: Don’t be a blindfolded fighter. Keep your eyes peeled, aware of every movement and shadow around you. Remember, danger can lurk in any alleyway, so stay alert, especially when flying solo or in the dimly lit hours.
  • Walk Like a Tiger: Predators target the meek. Project confidence by walking tall, head held high, and with a steady, determined stride. Don’t shuffle or dawdle – this tells attackers you’re an easy target.
  • Stick to the Sidewalk: Keep the curb as your ally. This leaves less hiding space for potential ambushers and allows you to react quickly if needed. Think of it as controlling the terrain!
  • Gear Up for Agility: Ditch the backpack of boulders. Wear clothes and shoes that let you move like a ninja, ready to dodge and escape any snare. Remember, your body is your weapon; keep it light and ready for action.
  • Trust Your Gut Feeling: This is your sixth sense, a ki-like awareness of danger. If your Spidey senses start tingling, don’t ignore them. Change direction, find a crowded area, or turn up the volume on your “Get Away!” scream.
  • Stranger Alert: Remember, even friendly-looking wolves can be cunning. Keep your distance from strangers, no matter how nice they seem. Don’t get fooled by lost dog stories or “help, I need directions” pleas. Remember, true heroes make their own calls. They do not get into stranger’s cars.
  • Sound the Alarm, Unleash the Roar: If danger closes in, unleash your inner lion! Scream like you’re practicing a high kick, yell “Help!” or “KIA!”, and run for the nearest crowd or well-lit area. Remember, fear can be your weapon too – use it to deter and attract help.

Home Base Security

  • Phone Call Fu: Strangers at the door? Don’t let them in! Be a helping hero – offer to make a call for them while they wait outside. Remember, even heroes have boundaries.
  • No Free Doorways: Never answer or open the door to unknown people. If someone calls or knocks, say you’re busy and cannot come to the door, and never reveal that you’re home alone.
  • Signs of Trouble? Retreat and Report: Returning home to an open window or broken lock is like finding a sabotaged dojo. Don’t be a lone warrior – stay outside and call the authorities immediately. Remember, safety comes first, even before facing your opponent.

By mastering these street smarts and home-defense tactics, you’ll become a true Tong Il Lo warrior, navigating the world with confidence and awareness. Remember, safety isn’t about fear, it’s about power: the power to control your environment, trust your instincts, and face any challenge with your head held high. Now go forth, young warrior, and make the streets your safe training ground!

Bonus Tip: Practice these scenarios with your fellow students or family! Role-playing can help you hone your reflexes and make these skills second nature. Remember, training together makes us all stronger, both on and off the mats.