Tong Il Lo Classroom Rules


  • Always bow when entering or leaving the classroom.
  • Do not enter the classroom late or leave early without the permission of the instructor. If you cannot make it to class on time, please call or text the Tong Il Lo phone number (817-668-5117).
  • Stand at attention while formally speaking to your instructor, any black belt or higher-ranking student.
  • Use words of consideration while speaking, such as “yes sir/ma’am,” “no sir/ma’am,” and “pardon me.”
  • All students are expected to be courteous inside and outside the classroom.
  • Any substitute teacher shall be treated as your regular instructor.

Personal Hygiene and Attire

  • Come to class with a clean uniform, trimmed nails, and good personal hygiene. No excessive jewelry is to be worn at any time during class.
  • No food, drinks, or gum is allowed in the classroom. It is also the responsibility of each student to keep the classroom clean at all times.


  • Uncontrolled conduct such as the use of profanity, obscene gestures or actions, loud conversations, and unnecessary roughness toward a fellow student or an instructor is strictly prohibited.
  • Anything learned in class is to be used for self-defense purposes only.
  • Do not teach Tong Il Lo without the permission of your instructor and never show off what you have learned in front of your friends. This could get you or someone else hurt.
  • No sparring is allowed without the permission of a senior instructor.
  • The senior instructor must approve all classroom attire and equipment for safety reasons.

Testing and Tournaments

  • To test for higher rank, you must:
    • Have permission from a senior instructor.
    • Have all class fees paid up to date.
    • Have proper attire (uniforms, sparring equipment, etc.) for your rank level.
    • Pay lower rank & upper rank students test fees one week in advance.
  • You must have the approval of your instructor for any tournament competition.
  • Always receive your instructor’s permission before participating in other classes or activities pertaining to martial arts hosted by an outside affiliate.


  • Any Assistant Instructor in a class or the highest rank in line will make themselves responsible for seeing that discipline and order are maintained during class.
  • When problems arise between students that cannot be resolved among them, they must be brought to the Instructor’s attention for mediation. Any problems between the Instructor and student that cannot be solved will be taken to Grandmaster McDonald for final policy decision.
  • Any decisions regarding promotion or demotion or eligibility for testing are decisions to be made by the Senior Instructors.
    • Any questions or concerns regarding decisions or policies should be brought respectfully and privately to the instructor. Public questioning of the instructor’s authority or the teaching methods in class is disrespectful and disruptive to the learning environment.
  • Any form of discipline given by an Assistant Instructor or Instructor must be adhered to by the student immediately.

Disciplinary action will be taken for violation of the above regulations. Penalties will vary at the discretion of the instructor. Such penalties could result in physical discipline, demotion of rank, suspension, or even termination of training. The more severe punishments will only be given by the Senior Instructor.


  • We are a family and we are here to help and support each other.
  • We are not in competition with one another.
  • We must all progress at our own pace.