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  • How Much Are Class Fees?
  • What If I Miss A Class?
  • Can I Pay Online?
  • What Methods of Payment are Available?


How Much Are Class Fees?

Currently, all of our locations are structured on a weekly payment basis, and classes are $10 per student, per week. You may pay by the week, or you may pay for multiple weeks at a time (pre-paid classes). For example, if a student wishes to pay for a 15-week semester, then he/she would pay $150, and the class roster would then reflect "pre-paid" on all of their remaining classes.

(Please keep in mind that class fees are non-refundable. They may be transferred to another person or put towards a sale/event, but once the fee is paid, we cannot provide cash refunds. Class fees are also determined by each individual location. Certain facilities may require different formats for paying these fees, so not all locations may be the same as new locations come available in the future.)


What If I Miss A Class?

Because our program is structured on a week-by-week basis, we understand that there will be times when a student may not be able to make it to their regularly scheduled class time. The student will not be charged a fee for the class missed, but we do require that the student contact our office to let us know that they will not be able to be in attendance for class. This is common courtesy and requires the student to practice responsibility for their training.

We do provide awards for perfect attendance at the end of each semester. If a student misses a class, then they will have to make that class up in order to maintain their perfect attendance. To do this, a student may pay for two classes and stay for an additional class to make up for the absence. Because our curriculum changes from belt level to belt level, the Instructor must approve this on the day that it is requested.


Can I Pay Online?

We are not currently set up to take payments for Class Fees online, but we are working on it, and will hopefully offer this by the end of the year!


What Methods of Payment are Available?

Class fees may be paid in the form of cash, check, and debit/credit card. We are working on an option to pay for class fees online! 


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