Earning a Black Belt in Tong Il Lo

In the world of martial arts, a Black Belt is often seen as the ultimate symbol of achievement. But for Tong Il Lo students, it’s far more than just a piece of colored fabric tied around the waist. It represents years of relentless dedication, unwavering commitment, and the successful conquest of grueling physical and mental challenges.

A Forge of Champions:

The path to a Tong Il Lo Black Belt is forged in the fires of rigorous training. Students endure an intricate curriculum that blends striking, grappling, and self-defense techniques from various disciplines. This unique blend demands not only physical prowess but also mental agility, adaptability, and unwavering focus.

Tests of Mettle:

Earning a Black Belt in Tong Il Lo is not just about mastering techniques. Students must prove their mettle through a series of challenging physical and mental tests. These tests push them to their limits, testing their endurance, resilience, and ability to perform under pressure. It’s a crucible that separates the dedicated from the determined, forging only the most exceptional individuals into true Tong Il Lo Black Belts.

A Privileged Few:

With over 10,000 students having graced the Tong Il Lo halls since its inception, only a select few have achieved the coveted Black Belt. Each name listed on this esteemed roster represents a testament to their unwavering dedication, indomitable spirit, and the unyielding pursuit of personal excellence. They are the embodiment of the Tong Il Lo ethos, inspiring future generations to walk the path of unity and self-mastery.

Beyond the Belt:

The Black Belt in Tong Il Lo is not the end of the journey, but rather a pivotal milestone. It marks the beginning of a new chapter, one where Black Belts become guardians of the knowledge they’ve earned. They take on the responsibility of mentoring others, guiding them through the same arduous path they once traversed. It’s a cycle of continuous learning and growth, ensuring that the legacy of Tong Il Lo lives on through generations of dedicated martial artists.

Tong Il Lo Black Belt Hall of Fame

NameRankDate Earned
Grandmaster William McDonaldFounder
Chief Instructor Gilbert NarváezFounderDeceased
Master Jeremy Wolfgang4th DegreeJuly 12, 2008
Jenilee Reid3rd DegreeSept 18, 2005
Lee Wandel3rd DegreeMay 9, 2009
Ken Young3rd DegreeMay 9, 2009
Katie Connor3rd DegreeMay 9, 2009
Chris Jakins3rd DegreeAug 22, 2009
Brooke Bolliger3rd DegreeAug 21, 2010
Starla Osburn3rd DegreeNov 20, 2010
Andy Tewes2nd DegreeDec 1, 1998
Blaise Brignac2nd DegreeSept 18, 2005
Serena Fraze2nd DegreeJuly 6, 2007
Alisa Wojtaszek2nd DegreeFeb 23, 2008
Billy McCune2nd DegreeJune 21, 2008
David Hernandez2nd DegreeAug 21, 2010
Jaime Robinson1st DegreeFeb 6, 2000
Wendy Chanthasenh1st DegreeSept 23, 2000
Matthew Tobey1st DegreeMarch 3, 2001
Brian Milligan1st DegreeMarch 3, 2001
Darrell Spinler1st DegreeAug 25, 2001
Joe Carmack1st DegreeAug 25, 2001
Parker Stockstill1st DegreeAug 25, 2001
Colton Hogye1st DegreeApr 21, 2002
Allen Mayo1st DegreeNov 15, 2003
Phillip Lovett1st DegreeNov 15, 2003
Brittani Lourias1st DegreeAug 15, 2004
William Welch1st DegreeMay 14, 2005
John Pizana1st DegreeMay 14, 2005
Anthony Duchane1st DegreeMay 14, 2005
Kevin Tewes1st DegreeMay 6, 2006
Chris Pizana1st DegreeOct 7, 2006
Sean Roozen1st DegreeFeb 23, 2008
Tom Wojtaszek1st DegreeFeb 23, 2008
Bill Casey1st DegreeFeb 23, 2008
Byron Hoskins1st DegreeFeb 23, 2008
Steven Jeffers1st DegreeAug 22, 2009
Stephen Henry1st DegreeJune 12, 2010
Doug Boggus1st DegreeJune 12, 2010
Amanda Boggus1st DegreeJune 12, 2010
Leta Mansfield1st DegreeJune 25, 2011
Tilson Underwood1st DegreeJune 25, 2011