• What Is Covered By Registration?

  • When / Where to Register?

  • How Much is Registration?

  • What Methods of Payment are Available?




What Is Covered By Registration

We charge registration fees to cover the expenses involved with creating and maintaining each student’s records and certifications through Tong Il Lo, as well as to help cover the costs of classroom materials, Instructor-provided equipment, awards, ribbons, and various other rewards and recognition for students who make achievements in their academics and progression through our program.

For the student, registration is a flat fee per family. You are not charged a fee for each individual person. Your registration fee covers up to 5 family members per household.


When/Where to Register

Depending upon the class location that you are interested in attending, you may simply show up 10-20 minutes early on the designated class day and sign up with the Instructor at that location before class. Please be advised that some locations require a membership card to participate at their facility.



How Much Is Registration?

We wish to be able to offer classes to everyone at an affordable price. Registration fees are based on a Semester, Yearly, or Lifetime basis. We have created the following registration options to cater to everyone:

Semester Registration      $50
This registers a student for a Spring, Summer, or Fall semester of classes.
Each set of 15-week (approximately 4 months) courses are divided into semesters. There are 3 semesters per calendar year: Spring, Summer, and Fall. We provide this option for those who would like to enroll a single semester at a time.

Yearly Registration            $100
This registers a student for a year of classes (a total of 3 semesters).
Most students prefer to register by the year. Yearly registration saves you a little per year off the regular semester registration price. Any student who registers for a year will receive a FREE uniform!

Lifetime Registration         $300
This is a one-time payment that registers a student with Tong Il Lo Martial Science permanently.
Lifetime registration is available for those who have the drive to be a Black Belt one day! The typical time-frame to reach Black Belt is about 3-6 years, depending on the student. By choosing Lifetime Registration, this will maintain the student’s records and certification permanently, all the way up to Black Belt and beyond! Any student who registers for a year will receive a FREE uniform!


What Methods of Payment are Available?

Registration fees may be paid in the form of cash, check, and debit/credit card. For those who desire it, registration fees may be broken up into multiple payments, but must be paid in full 30 days from the date the student was registered.