The 7 Tenets of Tong Il Lo


Students should cultivate a spirit of courtesy, demonstrating chivalry, consideration, and generosity towards others within and beyond the classroom. This practice fosters noble character and a harmonious learning environment.


To strengthen one’s honor and moral compass, individuals must possess the ability to discern right from wrong. Integrity entails the courage to admit mistakes and uphold ethical principles, even when no one is watching.


Students should strive to establish both small and ambitious goals, accompanied by unwavering patience and determination to overcome obstacles that impede their progress. This unwavering spirit drives individuals towards personal growth and achievement.


Self-mastery is a crucial tenet of Tong Il Lo. Students must exercise discipline over their thoughts, emotions, and actions, cultivating traits of modesty and humility. This self-regulated approach fosters inner peace and personal fulfillment.


Indomitable Spirit

When confronted with injustice, a true student will confront their opponent or obstacle without fear or hesitation, regardless of the circumstances. This unwavering spirit serves as a beacon of strength and resilience.



Loyalty is a cornerstone of Tong Il Lo. Students should demonstrate unwavering faithfulness and steadfast allegiance to their values, commitments, and those they cherish. This unwavering commitment strengthens relationships and fosters a sense of trust and integrity.



Honor lies at the heart of Tong Il Lo. It encompasses being true to oneself, acting with integrity, and upholding the principles of Tong Il Lo. By embodying these virtues, individuals cultivate a life of dignity, respect, and personal growth. The combination of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit, and loyalty forms the foundation of honor. By embracing these tenets, students embark on a journey of self-improvement and ethical conduct, shaping their character into a beacon of excellence.